Help & FAQ

You can do upgrade anytime, to gain more revenue from sales, the Professional Shop is best.
We’re sorry to see you go but that is your choice. Please note that if you close your account, you won’t be able to download items you have purchased any longer.
To cancel your account, go to ‘My Profile’ . . . . . . . . . .??????
To reactivate your account, log in and your account will be reactivated ??????
Be polite – to other users on ILTT
Be truthful – don’t give false information, or mislead others in writing posts
Be clean – don’t post any obscene or racial or sexual explicit material of any kind
Be professional – make sure your product is complete, accurate and offers value for money
Be honest – don’t direct buyers to other sales channels.
Be careful – to read all information as we cannot refund digital downloads
Be lawful – don’t violate the intellectual property of others by stealing and selling it as your own
Sometimes all you need do is refresh your browser or clean your cache
Sometimes school networks block downloads so you will need to download at home
If the problem persists, please contact us via live chat or leave a message
ILTT is not responsible for collecting tax from Vendors.
It is your responsibility to make sure you have met all tax requirements
We recommend that you seek professional taxation advice
Once a month via paypal from the previous month, just in case there is a refund.
Note paypal take a 2% fee.
Only digital downloadable products for teaching.
Professional Shop owners can sell video products
You can share teaching strategies, or teaching tips or anything really.
You can share mini-lessons for teachers to share with their students.
Anything that is educational
NO adverts or product previews under any circumstances
The maximum file size is – [10GB?]
Create a 30min preview of you video – snippets from different parts is good to give buyer an idea.
They stay on your Purchase History page for streaming as long as you have your ILTT account.
Streaming only is allowable not downloading of videos

You can contact us or visit the forum for further help amongst the ILTT community


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