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Global Perspective

Embracing a Global Perspective: with 6 Books Children should read 

The world is becoming more and more globalized each and every day. Thanks to super fast transportation and instant connection via our devices, we…

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The New Teaching Strategy

The New Teaching Strategy Every Teacher Should Know About

Every teacher wants to spend their time wisely in the classroom. From lesson plans to discussions and grading, teachers are always in pursuit of…

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I love to teach! - because its fun

I Love to Teach because it’s Fun!

Teaching overseas broadens you. Why don’t you try it? For me it was the most amazing adventure! A place to learn and serve others…

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Creativity is the key and we can make a differencee

Creativity is the Key to teaching and learning

Teaching is a creative profession. It is not just delivering a set of curriculum objectives but to mentor, stimulate, provoke and engage. Yet so…

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Strategies to increase student engagement

Strategies to Increase Student Engagement

There are many ways to increase student engagement. My favourite way is through group work. It makes differentiation so simple. Students are engaged at…

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