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Ray Skinner

Ray Skinner

Finance & Administration

Always ready to help and support Robert and Sylvia with the school in Honiara. He physically helped build the school with the builders too and served on the School Board. Now he is the behind scenes guy of 'I Love to Teach 101'. Making sure the funds raised for the 'Help Us' project, get to the right people, as he still often travels to the islands. Ray was Director of Pharmacy for the Solomon Is Govt and now manages a hospital pharmacy in South Australia.

Robert Tamani

Robert Tamani
Solomon Island Team Manager

Robert and Sylvia
worked together for the first five years at the School in Honiara when Sylvia was Principal and Robert was Deputy Principal.
Two years before Sylvia left Solomon Islands Robert became the School Principal while teaching the Year Six graduating class. In his spare time he spends most weekends taking a long boat trip and hike to train and help teachers, help kids - in his home village. He also resolves matters of conflict acting as a village elder.
Robert has a generous heart and gives everything he has in time and money to help others.
That's why he is our Island Team Manager.

Sylvia with little Francis

Sylvia Skinner
People, Product & Design

Sylvia loves to teach,
hence the title of this site.
She lived and worked as a teacher with her husband Ray in Solomon Islands for 15+ years. The little boy pictured with Sylvia on the Weather Coast of Guadalcanal, followed her round the village everyday when she was teaching sewing during the school holidays and not at work!
Sylvia is now teaching in South Australia.

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