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Whether you take time to read our educational musings or choose to purchase from our online store, or open a store in our community, know that you are truly making a difference in the lives of children around the globe. I Love to Teach gives to Solomon Island Teachers in need. We know we can’t do this alone, which is why we’re so excited YOU are here to be part of the Team.

The I Love To Teach Foundation

In 2017, we created the Love To Teach Foundation with one simple mission: to empower learning.

Knowledge is priceless, and everyone should have the opportunity to learn. Through the Love To Learn Foundation and with YOU as part of our global education team, we are hopeful knowing that the future really is in good hands. I Love To Teach gives at least 20% of its sales profits to Solomon Island Teachers.

How I Love To Teach Began

This is how we began. We arrived in Solomon Islands 1986.  Sylvia the natural educator she is, began teaching even before she was qualified to do so, volunteering at a Chinese-run school in Solomon Islands and then teaching a prep class for three years before receiving her teaching degree.

We returned to Australia to complete her Education Degree with Honors and went on to teach in several schools in Western Australia.

Ten years later, Sylvia returned to Solomon Islands where she continued to be placed in education positions that stretched her, both professionally and emotionally, like starting a local school in conjunction with a local church. This school, designed to be a place for students who needed great education without the fees associated at international schools, was called “Emmaus Christian School”, and it’s where Sylvia served as Principal and Teacher for five years, from 2005 to 2009.

Despite some of the non-traditional and unique experiences, Sylvia is no different than so many of the other teachers around the world. Touched by the lives of her students and the relationships that are formed in the classroom, Sylvia is a fine example of a teacher that really does love to teach.

Capable of transforming students’ attitudes with her dedication to her profession and her contagious enthusiasm, Sylvia’s school in Solomon Islands is now one of the top three in the area, boasting students graduating in the top 20% to advance to high school, something that is not “guaranteed” there, as it is in many other parts of the world.

Still, there are many teachers in the Islands who have very little to live on but dedicate their lives to their students. Last year, eight years after leaving the Islands, Sylvia realised how good it would be to build a website where teachers could share with each other and I Love to Teach could give at least a fifth of its sales profits to aid Solomon Island teachers in need.

Now currently teaching in South Australia, Sylvia is not only dedicated to her students, but to teachers around the world, offering them a place to connect, share and inspire on I Love to Teach 101.

To learn more about Sylvia’s love to teach, read one of her articles – “I Love to Teach Because It’s Fun!

Meet The Team

I Love To Teach


Sylvia Skinner

Sylvia loves to teach and is the true embodiment of a passionate leader and education advocate. For fifteen years Sylvia lived in Solomon Islands with her husband where she worked as a teacher. Later she and her husband worked with a local church to build and start a Christian School. The School became a great success and continues on. Sylvia is now teaching in South Australia. (And loving every minute of it!)


Robert Tamani

Robert served as the Deputy Principal for the first five years at the school in Honiara, during the time that Sylvia served as Principal. Later stepping into the School Principal position, Robert managed to balance his administration duties while still teaching the Year Six graduating class. His passion is helping teachers and kids in his home village, one that he visits each weekend despite the long, arduous boat trip, where he also serves as village elder, resolving conflicts and other matters that arise locally, as well as training teachers. Generous of heart, Robert continues to give everything he has in order to help the ILTT Team continue our mission.

Robert Tamani
Ray Skinner


Ray Skinner

Always ready to help, Ray was fundamental to the success of Robert and Sylvia’s school in Honiara. Not only did he physically build the school with the team of builders, but he also served on the School Board. The official “behind the scenes” guy for I Love to Teach 101, Ray served as the Director of Pharmacy for Solomon Islands Government and currently manages hospital pharmacy in South Australia. He is passionate about helping all of our projects, including our successful “Help Us” project, see the light of day, raising funds and connecting us with the right people. Ray continues to travel regularly to Solomon Islands.


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