Stop off-task behaviour

How to Stop Off-Task Behaviour in the Classroom

We are thinking about our students day and night during the school year. How we can enhance our teaching process, engage students listen to…

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Student videoconferencing with teacher

Would You Use Videoconferencing Classroom Technology?

Technology has been evolving all the time and it has not left education industry untouched. The advent of technology in the classroom has brought…

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Global Perspective

Embracing a Global Perspective: with 6 Books Children should read 

The world is becoming more and more globalized each and every day. Thanks to super fast transportation and instant connection via our devices, we…

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The New Teaching Strategy

The New Teaching Strategy Every Teacher Should Know About

Every teacher wants to spend their time wisely in the classroom. From lesson plans to discussions and grading, teachers are always in pursuit of…

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Feeling Overwhelmed? Photo by Milada Vigerova on Unsplash

Stop feeling overwhelmed by making ‘buffer time’

Feeling burnt out is a problem most of us experienced teachers are particularly susceptible to it. How to know if you’re feeling overwhelmed? Just…

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Technology in the Classroom

3 Ways Every Teacher Should Be Using Technology in the Classroom

As our world becomes more and more tech-reliant, teachers have the responsibility to educate students on how to use it effectively. Although some classrooms…

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Help Stop New Teacher Turnover

3 Ways to Help Stop New Teacher Turnover

According to a recent study, the nearly fifty percent of all new teachers that were believed to quit teaching in less than five years…

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Get the Right early Morning Mindset

Getting to Work With the Right Morning Mindset

Guess who knows about all the difficult morning’s teachers have to endure as a professional casualty? I do! Till I decided to start each…

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